A letter to: 2016

Dear 2016. you have officially ended and the 366 days I have spend in this year. Now it is time to look back on everything you had in store for me. Everything you made me go through and everything you gave and took. But I survived, like I always do.


2016, my bittersweet friend

It’s been a year full of love,

with (a quite big) hint of broken hearts

A year in which I have lost much,

but gained way more.

It’s been a year of many first times,

in a positive and less positive way.

The year I first fell in love,

with a boy

but most importantly,

with myself.

I had lost myself many years ago,

looking for my pieces in the wrong places.

this year I realised,

I was never gone,

I have always been there.

I was just hiding somewhere deep inside

of that what kept me alive.

My heart and my mind.

A year in which I have learned much;

How to love myself,

and the people surrounding me.

How to be happy,

when life gives you every reason not to be.

How to be strong,

when everyone expects you to go weak.

How to stay positive,

when what surrounds you is negative.

How to keep going,

when the only way seems to be giving up.

I have found the answer to most of my questions,

because I created them.

I created my way.

I created me.

I created the life that I wanted to have,

and not the life everyone else told me to have.


I am mine before I am anyone else.

And with that,

I say goodbye

to my bittersweet friend.








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